By Seabright McCabe

Women engineers are at the forefront of a growing type of technology called femtech that helps detect, diagnose, and track health problems that particularly affect women.

By J. Cavanaugh Simpson

In the first part of a series on the pitfalls and promise of AI, we examine bias in AI systems and the AI workplace, how women are working to address inequities, and how regulations may help.

By Meredith Holmes

Every day, women engineers lead teams, chair departments, start their own businesses, develop breakthrough technologies, and mentor others — often with little fanfare or recognition. Here are the personal stories of just a few of these inspiring women.


Opening Thoughts

What’s fueling the resurgence of the ‘traditional wife?’

SWE Forum

Advice for Digital Nomads

A Closer Look at the Data

Men and women engineers are not equally represented across different employment sectors.

SWE advocates on Capitol Hill for pay equity, access to STEM education, and more.

SWE’s annual letter to Congress calls for legislative support for STEM priorities.

The National Inventors Hall of Fame names research physiologist Alice Stoll to its Class of 2024.

The 50K Coalition reached its goal of graduating more than 50,000 engineers from diverse backgrounds five years early.

Career Pathways

Women are finding many ways to succeed in AI.

In Focus

Alma Martinez Fallon, F.SWE, with the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, discusses the opportunities for women in mechanical engineering.


Matilde Sánchez-Peña, Ph.D., uses a grant to study equity in engineering education; NASA engineer Aprille Joy Ericsson is a new Department of Defense assistant secretary; Ljupka Vrteva receives Slovenia’s 2023 Woman Engineer of the Year award; and more.


President’s Note

WE Local panels addressed common themes

You Asked, SWE Answered

How to handle ‘bro culture’

Life + Work

Tips for women engineers who travel for work


Counter others’ doubts with self-esteem


A review of Unmasking AI: My Mission to Protect What Is Human in a World of Machines, by Joy Buolamwini, Ph.D.


SWE editorial board’s favorite engineering-related destinations

In Memoriam

Violettee V. Brown, F.SWE, and William B. Streett, Ph.D.


SWE presidents travel with purpose in mind

Closing Thoughts

SWE’s sense of community is inspiring — and powerful

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