SWE Magazine / Volume 67 Number 5 / Conference 2021


Male Allies Must Focus on the Details to Help Women Succeed

The global pandemic has changed the complexion of the workplace, making it more criticial than ever for men to demonstrate their commitment to support women colleagues. Stepping up as role models and holding others accountable is only the beginning.


Aspire to Inspire

From conference highlights to profiles of this year’s distinguished award recipients, we celebrate WE21.


Digital Exclusives

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→ Building on the Legacy of Solar Impulse

The world’s first fully electric flight trainer opens possibilities for commercial use.

→ Origami Pattern

Create your own Origami to complement the Origami Gem inside the print magazine.

→ SWE Conferences Bring a Flair for Fun

A look back at conference events designed for socializing and lighthearted fun.

→ Timeless Gems of Career Fair Advice

The wise words of the late Walter McFall, taken from articles based on his conference workshops, stand the test of time.

→ Opening Thoughts

By Anne Perusek
Director of Editorial and Publications

By attending in person, participating remotely, or reading an article here, you are engaging with the SWE community and supporting the mission.

→ SWE Forum

With preparations for SWE’s first ever hybrid conference underway, the Society has been mindful that the health and safety of all attendees is as central to the conference experience as are the camaraderie and quality programming of more typical years.

→ President's Note

By Rachel Morford
FY22 SWE President

Noteworthy things are happening during WE21, so I encourage you to participate in as many conference activities as you can and connect with one another, online or in person.

→ Closing Thoughts

By Karen Horting, CAE
Executive Director & CEO

Whether from the office, the kitchen table, or halfway across the world, we are connected, supporting one another to learn and grow in difficult times.

News & Advocacy

→ A Closer Look at the Data

Decline in international graduate students may undermine efforts to increase gender diversity in science and engineering.

→ GreenWatch: Al Calls out Greenwashing Companies

Artificial intelligence is discovering which companies are walking the sustainability walk, and which ones are just talking.

→ Objects and Politics

Recent research is breaking new ground in understanding the gender gap in politics, pointing to how self-objectification undermines our political engagement.

→ Entrepreneurs Under 35 Are Moving Tech Forward

Each year, MIT Technology Review compiles a list of 35 innovators under the age of 35, culled from a list of more than 500 nominations, who are making the biggest impact in moving tech forward.

→ People: SWE Conference 2021

From breaking the glass ceiling in industry, academia, and research to an array of accomplishments, these women are making news.

→ Career Pathways: Be Your Own Best Advocate at WE21

The annual SWE conference provides an opportunity to grow professionally and personally while advancing your career.

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Voices & Views

→ Networking Stress

I get stressed when I think about networking. How can I make the process easier?

→ Being Exclusive with Pronouns

Adding pronouns to conference badges, email signatures, and social media and videoconferencing profiles is more than just the new, cool thing in diversity and inclusion.

→ Leveraging Your SWE Experience to Gain a Company Board Seat

The reality is that much of our SWE volunteer experience is directly applicable to company and nonprofit boards.

→ Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard

The value of young adult fiction is represented in this book series, which can be equally enjoyed by adults.

→ Framing SWE Collegiate Experience to Corporate Recruiters

Three SWE members with extensive board experience share their insights…

→ In Memoriam

The SWE community comprises dedicated members and friends whose efforts over the years have…

→ The Men Who Took Us Seriously

Since the Society’s earliest days male allies have served as role models…

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