Rising Technical Contributor Award

Samantha Coyle


For demonstrating technical leadership well beyond her years; for tireless service in community and professional organizations; and for mentoring young engineers, guiding them on the path to success.

Samantha Coyle is a software engineer, public speaker, and upcoming author at Diagrid, a globally distributed company that supports application developers by providing tools and application programming interfaces for building cloud-native applications. Her engineering efforts are dedicated to empowering developers to run high-scale, modern applications using open-source technology. With technical skills and an innovative mindset, Coyle has made significant contributions to Diagrid, solving challenges by implementing backend features in a fully distributed, microservice-based, and cloud-native environment.

Coyle has a history of developing computer vision-based containerized applications and Go programming language microservices for industrial edge applications. Coyle enjoys all things open source and making contributions within the Dapr (Distributed Application Runtime) community. In the recent v1.11 release, she contributed the feature most asked for by the Dapr community, showcasing her dedication to open source.

Previously, Coyle led backend efforts on the Internet of Things (IoT) group at Intel, where she was selected to join a project incubation effort. The project paved the way for an IoT artificial intelligence/machine language solution for the biopharma sector. Coyle and her team received Intel’s Division Recognition Award for demonstrating a successful design and the development of cutting-edge technology that deploys advanced AI pipelines on images generated in cellular therapy. Such efforts facilitated collaboration between AI companies and biopharma equipment manufacturers — breaking barriers, accelerating the growth of biopharma manufacturing, and transforming Intel into a leader in this niche.

Despite her short time in industry, Coyle has earned the trust of her team as a technical contributor and valuable resource. As a high-profile engineer demonstrating technical prowess, she contributes her knowledge to the community, sharing learnings at multiple conferences, including the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing, Women Who Code events, Open Source Summit North America, GopherCon, and more. Recently, Coyle chaired the call-for-papers review board for GopherCon, a convention of users of the Go programming language, and GopherCon Europe, with an eye toward promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) in the Go community. Coyle recognizes the need for change in the workplace and volunteers time to promote DEI and support early-career individuals. She also obtained a Kubernetes Application Developer certification in 2021 and is authoring a technical textbook to be published in late 2023.

An active Society of Women Engineers member and leader, Coyle serves as an industry advisor for the SWE Texas State University Section. She pioneered the university’s SWE mentorship program, provided input and assistance with SWE semester events, and promoted SWE awareness and membership on campus.

Coyle became a software engineer after being inspired by her older brother, who blazed a successful technical trail for her and her identical twin sister to follow. The three siblings are all Go backend engineers who regularly attend GopherCon and other technical conferences together.

In her spare time, Coyle is an avid traveler and animal lover, and is always seeking adventure in the era of remote work.