Food Waste: A $2.8 Trillion Loss or Golden Opportunity?

From by-products such as animal parts to the waste created by grocery stores, production facilities, restaurants, and homes, the amount of food that ends up in the landfill each year is staggering. Women bring science and engineering know-how and sustainable business practices to solve this global environmental conundrum.

Mapping Gender Balance in STEM Internationally

In 2021, SWE partnered with Gender Scan, a biennial survey that provides facts and figures on gender balance in STEM from education to employment. Here, we present a discussion of one component of the survey: results comparing the experiences of women engineering students in North America with those from Europe.

Women Engineers You Should Know

Women engineers make positive and significant contributions to every facet of contemporary life, often receiving little or no acknowledgment. Join us in celebrating this year’s group of remarkable women whose work has made a difference and who lead interesting, impactful, and contributive lives, both professionally and personally.