Prism Award

Jamie Krakover

The Boeing Company

For pioneering new frameworks leveraging technical talent and sharing knowledge; for multifaceted leadership and service through SWE; and for elevating women engineers as both a mentor and a role model.

Jamie Krakover is a senior manager for Boeing Enterprise Engineering Workforce Strategy. In this role, she leads retention initiatives to reduce risk for nearly 60,000 engineers, enhances engineering career development opportunities, and identifies engineering populations and gaps to ensure a robust pipeline of diverse talent.

Since joining Boeing Research and Technology (BR&T) as a structural engineer in 2006, Krakover has grown steadily in her career, showing her versatility in design, strength, materials and processes, teardown, and cost engineering on a range of programs.

In 2018, she became a first-line manager for the F/A-18 program, managing 20 design and strength engineers supporting delivery of in-service F/A-18 legacy jet fighters to the U.S. Navy. When she joined, they were delivering three months behind schedule; after three months under her leadership, the team achieved on-time deliveries and later eliminated the backlog completely with a threefold turnaround improvement.

Krakover was promoted to capability manager for Boeing Global Services in 2020, with responsibility for staffing, people movement, development, and skills inventory for 1,200 strength, design, and multiskilled engineers. In this role, she addressed a high attrition rate through several initiatives, reducing it by 4% within six months. She was promoted to her current position in 2022.

During her time in the Boeing Leadership Excellence Acceleration Program (LEAP), Krakover organized monthly training and development opportunities for 100 participants, managed an employee engagement project for BR&T, and established a new engagement team for LEAP. She leveraged her knowledge from LEAP to help consolidate Boeing’s leadership programs into a single entity, Leadership NeXt, and was instrumental in developing learning objectives and an alumni structure for the 400-person program.

An enthusiastic leader and participant in the Society of Women Engineers, she serves as the Boeing SWE company focal, leading Boeing SWE conference activities and coordinating with SWE and the Boeing executive sponsor. Krakover also led activities for the SWE curriculum committee and served as Boeing’s SWE membership chair, site focal deputy, and Boeing St. Louis SWE Site focal.

Dedicated to inspiring young people to pursue STEM, Krakover mentored an all-girls FIRST Robotics team, volunteered at the FIRST Robotics national championships, and contributed to the EngineerGirl website. With her LEAP colleagues, Krakover has also volunteered at local food pantries, homeless shelters, and schools.

Krakover holds a B.S. from Purdue University in Indiana and an M.S. from Washington University in Missouri, both in aeronautical and astronautical engineering. In her free time, she writes children’s science fiction and fantasy. She has authored two short stories for the Brave New Girls anthologies and a young adult science fiction novel. Krakover also enjoys spending time with her husband, Andrew; her son; and her dog, Rogue.