Emerging Global Leadership Award

Paris Amy

Cummins Turbo Technologies

For technical expertise and communication informed by cultural immersion; for influential, caring, and charismatic leadership; and for consistent and fearless advocacy of respect for others.

Paris Amy earned a promotion and serves as an on-highway original equipment manufacturer technical advisor for Cummins Inc. She previously served as a customer engineering technical specialist for Cummins Turbo Technologies, a division of Cummins. In her new position, Amy works in Germany supporting European original equipment manufacturers. She is responsible for technical relationship building, new product introduction, and turbocharger and engine system validation. Originally from California, Amy has moved across the globe, working and learning within the automotive sector of engineering. She has worked primarily on turbomachinery, in manufacturing, research and development, current product development, and customer engineering.

Prior to joining Cummins, Amy worked in Huddersfield, U.K., as a technical project leader in the advanced engineering department, where she led a cross-functional team with members based in the U.K. and India. Under her leadership, the team defined project success, managed budgets and project timelines, mitigated risks to timely project closure, and developed a junior engineer also working in the advanced engineering department, who became Amy’s first mentee.

In 2021, Amy and her team won millions of dollars in new turbocharger business, overcoming the challenge of tightened local emissions regulations that demanded very high turbocharger efficiency. Amy worked closely with the customer to define and agree upon turbocharger and engine system deliverables, while managing the proposed design verification plan both at a turbocharger and system level.

In addition to her engineering responsibilities, Amy actively participates in diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) activities at Cummins. She has been a member of various employee resource groups (ERGs) since joining the company in 2013 but took a lead role in 2020 as co-chair of the European PRIDE ERG, where she and her co-chair created a space of belonging for LGBTQ+ employees and their allies. In 2021, Amy became the European leader for the Leading Inclusion for Technical global initiative at Cummins. In this position, she is responsible for a 25-person team, working on and implementing multiple DE&I projects across all Cummins sites in Europe.

A SWE global ambassador representing Cummins in Europe since 2019, Amy has leveraged Society resources to engage and uplift women engineers. She presented at WE Local Europe in Prague on the technical topic “waste heat recovery” and has submitted proposals for lightning talks every year since. Amy cherishes her role as a mentor. She has guided mentees in areas ranging from interviewing for new positions and delivering effective technical reviews, to how to lead when not in a formal leadership position. Word of mouth spread by her current mentees has brought her many more.

Amy earned a B.S. in engineering at Loyola Marymount University, an M.S. in mechanical engineering at Colorado State University, and a M.Eng. in systems engineering at Cornell University. Outside of work, she enjoys playing soccer with her local club, going for runs to meditate, and relaxing with her two cats.