Emerging Leader

Katrin Fisher

Lockheed Martin

For leadership that deepens with each ascending role; for subject matter expertise that solves complex problems; and for engaging young people through STEM outreach in her community.

Katrin Fisher is an engineering project manager in the Mission Systems and Weapons (MSW) market segment within Rotary and Mission Systems (RMS) at Lockheed Martin. In this role, she leads the internal research and development of mission processors for the RMS processor product line, now in its third generation. These computers are complex, digital, and high-performance, targeting Lockheed Martin’s diverse processing needs up to the highest safety-critical design assurance level. These products are the heart of the mission system for Lockheed Martin’s offering for the U.S. Army’s Future Vertical Lift competition.

Since joining Lockheed Martin as an intern in 2011, she has held numerous leadership roles with increasing responsibilities that are key to national security. Fisher excelled as an engineer, became an outstanding first-line manager, and took on stretch assignments to lead development projects. She used her quick ascent into leadership to follow her enthusiasm for bringing people together to reach goals collaboratively, drawing on each person’s diverse strengths.

In 2016, Fisher received the November RMS Technical Excellence Award for her development of a complex and extremely dense, military-grade graphics and video processor printed circuit board. She was subsequently recognized at the Evening of Excellence, RMS’s highest honor, for her successful design, which saved significantly on investments because of its versatility.

In 2019, Fisher initiated a multiyear project to secure funding, build, and receive security approval for a new secure processing lab. She recognized that the current lab capacity would not support future programs and drove the change needed to get the expansive project underway. The lab was accredited in 2020 on schedule and within budget, and helps engineers across the company by eliminating poor working environments and lost productivity. Fisher received the MSW Employee of the Month award for her leadership.

Fisher is an avid volunteer in her community, in which she has served as a Boy Scouts of America den leader over the last four years and led STEM outreach events for young students at local schools. She helped to coordinate a team to renovate her community’s Veterans of Foreign Wars post and has served the children and women at her church for many years. Fisher uses her skills to develop others wherever possible; she also strives to use her own experiences with her special-needs son to foster inclusion and acceptance within the community.

Fisher graduated with honors from Binghamton University with a B.S. in computer engineering, while supporting herself and working part time. Fisher credits her achievements and work ethic to her upbringing, faith, and hard work. The daughter of an engineer, she was taught that women belong in engineering and should empower others to become their best selves. In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her three children and traveling.