Diamonds or Dust?

By Seabright McCabe

Sustained high pressure may create strength when it comes to gemstones, but it can lead to burnout among women in STEM professions. Read how experts prevent stress from breaking them down.

Inspiring Interest in STEM

By Lisa Owens Viani

Outreach activities that help K-12 students envision a future in STEM can be creative, sustainable — and a whole lot of fun.


Opening Thoughts

Persevering under Pressure

A Closer Look at the Data

Some jobs and salaries for engineers are growing. Some are not.

A presidential order takes early steps to increase the safety of artificial intelligence.


SWE collaborates on an NSF-funded grant to support women of color on their engineering journeys.


SWE Magazine takes top prizes in a competition for editorial and design excellence.


SWE’s Advance Learning Center proves central to engineers’ commitment to lifelong learning.


Career Pathways

Spouses of military members achieve career growth on the move.

In Focus

Our new column features leaders from a discipline-specific professional membership society who discuss the trends in their profession and the opportunities presented to women in engineering and technology. In this issue, Ginger Scoggins, P.E., president of the American Society of Heating, Refrigeration, and Air-Conditioning Engineers, offers her perspective on opportunities in the built environment.


Civil engineer Marlene Watson earns the American Indian Science and Engineering Society’s highest award; Linsey Marr, Ph.D., is the newest MacArthur fellow for her research in airborne pathogens.


President’s Note

Recharge and renew

You Asked, SWE Answered

Preparing for a performance review

Life + Work

Two views on employers’ requests to return to the office


Dual-career couples with small children strive for balance.


SWE editorial board members’ share their favorite podcasts.


Finding community when new to the team

In Memoriam

Eddie Bernice Johnson


Early SWE leaders faced stresses, too.

Closing Thoughts

Continue to live without limits.


WE23 Recap

The engineers arrived in force.

Achievement Award Acceptance Remarks

Thea Feyereisen on “professional impatience.”

Major Award Winners

SWE Anniversaries

Collegiate Competitions

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