Rising Technical Contributor Award

Alexis Ulmer

Intel Corporation

For spearheading mechanical design projects that are innovative and cost-effective; for significant contributions to 3D design and printing; and for volunteer service and selfless leadership that benefits others.

Alexis Ulmer is a mechanical design engineer in Intel Corporation’s machine shop, a position she has held since December 2018. She contributes to the mechanical design space in Intel’s Module Repair Lab and has made substantial impacts during her relatively short time in this role. Her primary duties include managing customer requests, creating designs and fabrication drawings, assembly, and analysis of factory operation components.

She designs and fabricates products that use internal resources to keep costs under control. As a member of the Intel Module Repair Center of Excellence, she led the improvement of the center’s 3D printing business, increasing customer 3D printer material selection by 350% and doubling the print speed.

Ulmer came to Intel first as a mechanical engineer intern in August 2018 as she completed her studies at the Ira A. Fulton Schools of Engineering at Arizona State University, where she earned a B.E. in mechanical engineering. During her time at Arizona State, she developed a love for using math and materials science practices in her designs and creations. In one project, Ulmer applied engineering analysis to design, fabricate, and test a 3D printed solid propellant-powered rocket system using Microsoft Excel for trajectory simulation.

She remains engaged with her alma mater and supports its Social Innovation Lab, whose programs work with local innovators and nonprofits to design strategies to address complex social problems and give undergraduate students the chance to apply their knowledge and skill sets in real-world environments. Through this program, Ulmer mentored three teams focusing on innovative solutions for nonprofits in the community, examining diversity, equity, and inclusion; environmental sustainability; and STEM education.

For more than five years, Ulmer took a lead role with Families Giving Back, a nonprofit organization that sponsors volunteer activities in support of families in the community. She managed three large-capacity events, taking care of logistics and recruitment and creating a process to instruct volunteers on their responsibilities.

After attending the Society of Women Engineers WE21 conference, Ulmer has participated in SWE activities and has served as a technical mentor. Ulmer most recently volunteered as a technical mentor at the Florida A&M-Florida State University College of Engineering Hackathon 2022 for which SWE was a co-sponsor. She led a team of students through the design process to address challenges that arose during the COVID-19 pandemic. She is pursuing other opportunities in SWE to mentor and network with more professional women engineers.

Ulmer enjoys traveling to Salt Lake City with her family or traveling around the country with her friends to music festivals. She also enjoys reading, renovating a century home, and hanging out with her cats Gadget and Gizmo.