Rising Technical Contributor Award

Maggie Singerhouse-Knauber


For communicating advanced technical information into digestible terminology; for exceptional performance as a risk management and reliability engineer; and for positive contributions to advancing STEM in the Twin Cities communities.

Maggie Singerhouse-Knauber is a senior systems engineer within Medtronic’s Cardiac Ablation Solutions research and development organization. As the lead systems engineer on two programs, her day-to-day responsibilities range from investigating product use conditions to provide input to next-generation products, to developing test methods to expose product interfaces to clinically relevant stresses, to bringing together cross-functional teams to solve problems.

Singerhouse-Knauber joined Medtronic in 2017 as a reliability engineer, managing the maintenance of the living risk management file documents in response to post-market surveillance for all deep brain stimulation (DBS) products. This work expanded her therapy and product knowledge, allowing her to take on new responsibilities as a reliability engineer and member of the core team. In this role, she became adept in systems risk management leading system risk analysis and risk control design implementation activities for six different hardware products and two software applications.

In 2020, Singerhouse-Knauber authored a comprehensive risk-benefit analysis to gain cross-functional alignment and help in decision-making. The analysis assessed a potential interface risk between Medtronic and another company’s products. Her work has been used to support Medtronic’s DBS systems, including the SenSight™ directional lead system and the SureTune™ 4 software, and serves as a guide when reviewing the impact of new product design on DBS procedure and therapy risks to innovate for a safer experience.

Singerhouse-Knauber supports Medtronic in other ways through her involvement in the Society of Women Engineers and Medtronic’s SWE network. She has been Medtronic’s SWEnet Twin Cities outreach pillar co-chair since 2020 and was responsible for creating and driving strategy for STEM outreach engagement both virtually and in person. She was co-chair for Medtronic’s SWEnet virtual Professional Development Day in 2021, a two-day event filled with inspiring keynotes and workshops that welcomed more than 550 global attendees. She currently serves as Medtronic’s SWEnet global co-chair.

Believing that knowledge-sharing builds community, she introduced the Dana Foundation’s annual Brain Awareness Week at Medtronic, sharing emails and activities with the latest developments in neuroscience. She is an ally and member of the Medtronic Hispanic, Latino, African Descent, and PRIDE networks.

She also serves on the employer advisory board for St. Catherine University, providing insights into the corporate world and preparing students to find jobs and internships.

Singerhouse-Knauber holds a B.A. in neuroscience from St. Catherine University and an M.S. in mechanical engineering from the University of St. Thomas.

She lives in the Twin Cities with her husband, Brad, and their three cats. She is a strong believer that creativity and engineering go hand in hand. Outside of work, she enjoys painting, drawing, reading, volunteering, exercising, and experimenting with new vegetarian recipes.