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Examining the Impacts of COVID-19 on the Engineering Pipeline
The careers of women across the globe have been curtailed due to the unprecedented demands…
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Gender Equity and Social Justice at Uber and Google

The existence of widespread sexual harassment and discrimination in the tech sector has been the subject of many books and articles, some of which have been described in previous SWE literature reviews. 2020 saw the publication of a memoir by one of the best-known victims of the hostile climate for women in tech: Susan Fowler, who “blew the whistle” on the ride-sharing company Uber.

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Male Allies: A Potential Force for Improved Workplaces
As documented in the 2019 SWE research issue, the idea that combating gender inequality in…
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Dispelling the Myth of the Math Prodigy
The idea that success in STEM fields such as engineering, math, and physics requires “genius”…
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Promising Practices for Opening Doors
The National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine released a consensus study report in early…
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2020 Outstanding Women in Engineering
From STEM diversity organizations, educational associations, and the National Academy of Engineering, major awards recognizing…
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Women in Engineering: A Review of the 2020 Literature

SWE’s assessment of the most significant social science research from 2020 offers insights and analysis, plus recommendations for future study and interventions that might, finally, lead to greater gender equity in STEM.

The underrepresentation of women in engineering and other technical fields remains the subject of extensive research. Engineers, social scientists, and educators continue to examine the potential reasons for this underrepresentation and to propose interventions.

Don’t Stop Me Now: Even the Covid Pandemic Couldn’t Halt Stem K-12 Outreach
Supporting the educational pipeline, SWE, teachers, students, and STEM groups put their problem-solving skills to…
An Overview of SWE’s Covid Research
Research conducted by the Society of Women Engineers as well as other organizations provides glimpses…
Biden Doubles Down on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Training
Advocates aim to widen their reach in this window of opportunity, moving beyond the mere…