Global Leadership Award

Chia-Hung Kuo

Intel Corporation

For a proven track record of leading technical teams globally; for her relentless advocacy of careers in STEM; and for challenging the status quo to spark innovation.

Chia-Hung Kuo serves as one of just a few women principal engineers in the Client Computing Group at Intel Corporation. As a principal engineer and system architect, Kuo has tremendous impact within the architecture and engineering community worldwide in leading innovation and new technology initiatives, and creating new technical solutions, standards, and specifications. She currently oversees the experience-driven system architecture in Client Computing and promoting learning quality and multidevice experience with Intel technologies for educators and students as well as mobile users across the globe.

She ensures Intel delivers innovative products that improve people’s lives via a deep understanding of how end users employ products and technologies and decomposing usages into hardware and software requirements to establish future architecture.

Kuo has 22 years of experience with Intel with diverse technical leadership expertise spanning software development, platform architecture, system integration, and hardware/software co-design to user-experience-driven segment architecture. Her technical know-how is derived from a childhood fascination with computer systems and graphic design and an intense desire to explore the many ways computers and technology change lives.

After earning a B.S. in atmospheric science and an M.S. in civil engineering at National Taiwan University, Kuo opted to switch gears and turned down a position in civil engineering to pursue her interest in computers. She continued her studies at California State University, Sacramento, earning an M.S. in computer science. She began as a graphics driver-developer with Intel that led to subsequent positions in all stages of product development.

Kuo has established herself as a leader who is able to obtain exceptional results while respecting and building on the strengths of the diverse teams she influences. Her experience engaging with people from various countries and backgrounds has allowed her to learn the nuances of each culture while reinforcing the similarities that make up Intel’s corporate workforce.

Prior to architecture roles, Kuo led an international graphics team to deliver unified driver architecture through multiple product launches. In her early days with the graphics team, she managed a 44-member global graphics team of engineers located in California, Finland, Shanghai, and Beijing, with contractors in the U.S. and England. Because of her broad engagement in various teams worldwide, Kuo has been a highly sought-out mentor to junior engineers, especially from India, China, Malaysia, and Taiwan.

She holds 27 U.S. patents of which 18 have been granted, two Intel inventor recognitions, and 20 group and division awards. She has authored numerous publications and specifications.

Kuo uses her expertise, network, and authority to champion innovative ideas that advance Intel’s technology development goals and dedicates time to growing Intel’s technical pipeline, nurturing technical women in their advancement. She has mentored and coached more than 50 engineers and university students. Kuo also coaches middle school cybersecurity/coding programs, developing the next generation in STEM programs.

She lives with her husband and son in Folsom, California, and enjoys hiking and traveling.