Advice for Digital Nomads

I was reading the article “Digital Nomads Develop a More Purposeful Model” (Fall 2023), and I thought it might be interesting to offer more information about digital nomad visas. The article “Digital Nomad Visa” on covers all the essential information for each country’s digital nomad visas and provides a useful resource for anyone looking to work and travel abroad.

It recommends paying attention to such details as whether you have the correct work visa and your visa’s expiration date, what your visa permits you to do, and what it doesn’t permit you to do. Governments have started to notice the rise in digital nomads visiting their countries and have begun introducing special visas to enable workers to stay in their new remote workplaces. Some digital nomad activists want governments to prioritize digital nomads’ incomes and professions, rather than their countries of origin, to provide greater access to the nomadic visas.

The full article can be found at

–Grace Pearson

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