Emerging Leader

Elisabeth Hosmer

Raytheon Technologies

For outstanding technical expertise; for leadership fueled by a genuine desire to learn and grow; and for deep dedication to SWE’s mission of inclusivity.

Elisabeth Hosmer serves as an associate director within the Secure Sensor Solution business of Raytheon Intelligence and Space. She leads a team of 70-plus employees developing the multimillion-dollar Modernized GPS User Equipment (MGUE) Increment 1 program for the U.S. Space Force – considered one of five watch programs deemed critical to the overall business success.

As of March 2022, Hosmer and her team delivered on all performance milestones on or ahead of schedule, resulting in increased booking rates and profit realization every quarter over the last two years. Under her leadership, the program has improved Contractor Performance Assessment Reporting scores from the U.S. Space Force in all areas, including management, cost control, schedule, and quality.

Early in her career, Hosmer’s success as a systems and mechanical engineer drew attention from heritage Raytheon Company leadership, and she was recruited to support senior technical leaders on various independent research and development projects during the first three years of her career. A key independent research and development pursuit she supported was the development of a microchip with optical and electrical sensors. This project enabled her to submit the final report to the U.S. government, a significant achievement for a young engineer. The report received praise for its demonstration of technical excellence. Subsequently, Hosmer was promoted to senior mechanical engineer, taking on a variety of challenging engineering assignments and supporting major modifications to external sensors and updates to flight operations.

Hosmer has been an active SWE member since 2004. She has represented heritage Raytheon Company on the Corporate Partnership Council since 2013 and served as the co-lead for the company’s engagement at WE13. Outside of these formal roles, she continues to encourage women and fellow leaders to become involved with SWE, providing the extra nudge that makes the difference. At least 20 of her colleagues credit Hosmer as their inspiration for pursuing conference lightning talks, panel discussions, and award nominations.

Dedicated to developing the next generation of women STEM leaders, Hosmer has held and continues to hold global roles for the women’s-centric employee resource group, within the company. Additionally, she serves as a high school and university-level mentor. She also helped to increase the ERG’s influence globally, working closely with emerging chapters in the U.K., Canada, and Australia.

For her efforts, Hosmer has been recognized internally with the heritage Raytheon Company 2012 Excellence in Operations Award and the 2011 Global Communications Award.

Hosmer earned a B.S. in aerospace engineering at Washington University in St. Louis. Outside of work, she mentors two future engineering leaders: her daughters, ages 7 and 5. In her spare time, she serves as an auditor for her daughters’ elementary school PTA and as a youth sports coach for USA Softball and AYSO Soccer.