SWE Distinguished New Engineer

Kimberly Daloise


For expert leadership of cross-functional teams; for streamlining procedures and increasing efficiencies that garner improved results; and for long-standing contributions that advance SWE’s mission and purpose.

Kimberly Daloise is a project quality assurance engineer for Bayer, where she is responsible for two teams working with electromechanical medical imaging injectors. She also plays a vital part in introducing new product lines into the plant.

Daloise joined Bayer in 2015 and within three years became senior quality assurance engineer, assisting and leading process changes and continuous improvement projects. She helped revamp outdated batch packet creation and issuance and product release processes, making procedure documentation more straightforward. She also led the redesign of the manufacturing line clearance process, reducing the nonconformance rate by 60%.

In 2020, Daloise was promoted to her current role at Bayer’s O’Hara Township, Pennsylvania, site, which manufactures and packages power injectors. She supports the manufacturing floor from a project perspective and leads a material review board that corrects nonconforming material related to a new injector system. She works with teams in Australia and Pittsburgh, coordinating rework or inspection activities, determining material dispositions, executing root cause investigations, and determining corrective actions. In addition, Daloise manages teams performing product releases and quality control inspections on raw materials from suppliers.

She helped implement single-piece flow through the product release process, cutting product cycle time from seven days to less than one. Under her leadership, 16 inspection plans were eliminated, and by implementing new efficiencies the number of lots inspected and released within five days of receipt nearly doubled. She also led a project to ensure all required materials were set up properly for inspection, resulting in fewer nonconformances identified during the manufacturing process.

Daloise and four of her fellow students at the University of Pittsburgh share a patent for a fluid line locking device that secures fluid line connection joints from disconnection and prevents central line-associated bloodstream infections. A strategic thinker and active listener, she was recognized by her colleagues with Bayer’s Spirit Award in 2020, which distinguishes employees who make Bayer an enjoyable and rewarding place to work.

A SWE member since 2010, Daloise’s leadership roles have included treasurer, and chair and co-chair of the SWE University of Pittsburgh Section’s Middle School Engineering Day STEM outreach program. She is in her seventh year as an elected officer of the SWE Pittsburgh Section, with three years as president and four as treasurer. As FY20 president, she rallied the section’s executive council to apply for a Mission Award. The section received the Gold Award and the Best Practice for SWE Resource Promotion Award. Daloise also received a WE Local New ELiTE Award in FY21.

Daloise holds a B.S. in bioengineering with a minor in chemistry from the University of Pittsburgh. She volunteers in her community with the Batch Foundation’s annual holiday toy drive for families in need. In her spare time, she enjoys music, traveling, and spending time with her friends, family, and dog.