Many of the most prominent whistleblowers in the technology sector have been women. What does it take to become a whistleblower, how are you perceived — and what happens next?


A record number of STEM candidates won their races in the 2018 midterms, yet women remain underrepresented in U.S. politics. Because they face similar obstacles in their professional careers, however, are women in STEM better equipped to break into male-dominated spaces such as politics?

Marking her initial year as Puerto Rico’s first woman secretary of transportation and public works, SWE member Eileen Vélez Vega, P.E., shares reflections on her path to this historic appointment.

Engineering Change Lab-USA’s Noble Purpose for Engineering Statement underscores the urgent need for engineers to contribute their skills and knowledge to accelerate sustainable, resilient, and equitable solutions to the impacts of climate change.

Recognizing the broader gender identities that women embrace, SWE created the LGBTQ+ and allies affinity group — a community that provides a space for members to connect and empowers them to advocate changes in their workplaces and beyond.